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The Isle of Hope Historical Association, Inc. was formed in July of 1979 to preserve and nurture the esthetic, architectural and cultural heritage of Isle of Hope. Through its efforts, the Isle of Hope Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

Also in 1984, the Association purchased the land surrounding Bluff Drive at the Isle of Hope Marina. The land and houses on the Western side of the road were sold to families who agreed to restore the existing buildings and build compatible new houses. The Marina was first leased and subsequently sold to provide a consistent, high quality service to the boating community of Isle of Hope and its guests.

Over time, the Isle of Hope Historical Association has broadened its interests such as the preservation of historical island markers, increasing local awareness through educational efforts and tightening community bonds by island events. Through these endeavors, the Isle of Hope Historical Association strives to keep all past, current and future generations closely connected with each other and to Isle of Hope.

The Isle of Hope Historical Association is a not for profit organization and invites anyone who cares about the history and preservation of Isle of Hope, to become a member.

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